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Alias: loki
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Occupation: tattoo artist
Age: 25
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May 5 2015, 06:05 AM
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ex / baby mama

<span>open playby</span>
<span>25 years old</span>

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This woman here is the mother of Boone's kid. They dated back when they were fifteen/sixteen up until they were twenty, and their relationship was something of a crazy one. They argued, they drank, they made up with sex, only for the cycle to start up again. She went down a darker path with her drinking, eventually turning to hardcore drugs and Boone fought tooth and nail to set her straight. It wasn't until she fell pregnant that she promised to make any kind of change, but of course it didn't last. She ran the day after giving birth to their son and is only now showing up on the scene again, five years later. She wants back in with her son and Boone. And he's going to be totally torn up about it. He knows she's bad news, even though she claims to have changed, but he's always struggled with resisting her. they aren't finals, i just want her around for drama more than anything!

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May 3 2015, 04:34 PM
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<div class="cname">BOONE MICHAEL JAEGER</div><p>

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Tattoo Artist / Studio owner
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<info>FACE CLAIM</info><br>
Stephen James
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strong minded. protective. honest. stubborn. hard worker. silent-type. confident. very independent.


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<div class="content"><div class="apptx"><div class="appcon">• boone grew up an only kid, just him and his dead-beat dad. his mum left when he was seven because leaving was better than sticking around for the beatings. he got it, he understood, even back then. his dad drank, did drugs, got forceful - violent. no woman, hell, no person should have to put up with that kind of shit. he got it. but he still hated her for leaving, because what he didn't get was why she couldn't have taken her kid with her. What sort of parent left their only child in the care of some lazy, alcoholic drug abuser who, with nobody else to hit, turned to taking out his anger and frustration on his son. As far as boone was concerned? His mum was just as bad as his dad.<p>
• he was never around for the abuse, verbal or physical. he knew better than to spend his time in the house when his dad was home. so instead of heading home once his day at school finished up, he spent the rest of the afternoon and night on the streets, with his friends. and the times he didn't want to go home, which was often, he would stay at a friends house. <p>
• there were times, though, where his dad was more of a dick than usual and would call the police on him, claiming that his beloved son was missing and asking if they’d please bring him home. sometimes boone managed to evade the police, but more often than not, he was carted back home in the back of a police car. he didn’t bother arguing with them when this happened. they didn’t listen when he told them that his dad hit him, probably thought he was making up shit because he didn't want to go home.<p>
• boone came into his gift at twelve, when, during another fight with his dad, he'd set fire to the older males shirt. michael had been drinking and had been furious after catching boone stealing some cash to buy some food. they fought, and he'd backhanded his son so hard that he'd crashed to the floor and boone, mouth throbbing and lip bleeding, literally exploded in a fit of rage.<p>
• he was sixteen when he met arabella. she was troubled but he didn't care. he took the good with the bad, even when it began to seem that the bad heavily outweighed the good. why? because even when they were fighting, even when she pissed him off to no fucking end - she was worth it. it was why, when she turned to drugs and it felt like their entire relationship was falling apart, he wouldn't give up on her. it was the pregnancy that changed her. <p>
• they weren't ready to be parents, not by a long shot, but when she fell pregnant boone was ecstatic. arabella changed, she put away the alcohol and stepped away from the drugs and it was hard for her, he saw that, but she did it and he fucking loved and respected her for it. the idea of having a kid scared the shit out of him, but if having one meant that he got ara back, then he was willing to take that step. <p>
• everything was going well, maybe too well, because the day after their son was born? arabella left. no goodbye, no nothing, she was just gone. and it crushed boone. tore him inside out and he hated her for it. five years later and he still fucking hates her for it. <p>
• five years after ara left them and father and son are doing just fine on their own. boone runs a successful tattoo shop and spends most days working or with his son, teddy.


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<div class="apptx"><div class="appcon">so, boone is kind of an ass if you don't know him. he can come across arrogant and aloof but he's a decent guy, he just needs some time to warm up to you. he can be very guarded and closed off. and after everything that happened with his parents and then arabella, he struggles with trusting others, so his FRIENDS will only be a handful. though once you are in his inner circle you'll find that he's actually a good guy. sure he's brutally honest and won't sugar coat anything, but he means well.
ENEMIES and rivalries are something he had a lot of during his high school years but now he's got his son, teddy, and he's much more careful about who he pisses off. like most fires, boone had something of a temper back in school and it sometimes rears it's ugly head when people piss him off, but he tries to keep a cool head for the most part.
RELATIONSHIPS are pretty non-existent ever since teddy too. his high school sweetheart and mother of his kid, ditched a day after teddy was born and he's never had a serious relationship since. that doesn't mean he hasn't had relationships, he has, mostly with women only but he's hooked up with a couple of guys, too. he's ridiculously protective of his son and especially after what his ex did, he's wary of who he allows into his life. </div></div>

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<label for="tab-5">PLAYER</label>
<div class="content"><div class="apptx"><div class="appcon"><center><div class="pinfo">LOKI</div>
<div class="pinfo2">GMT • SHE/HER</div></center></div></div>
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