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Alias: lauren
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Apr 26 2015, 09:10 PM
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<p>when did i get old?</p>
<p>these kids are in here giggling and acting like idiots and all i want to do is shush them over and over.</p>

Mar 22 2015, 07:30 PM
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When he'd graduated from the Academy, Jamie had hoped he'd be able to return. Hoped he'd be able to continue his learning, but thanks to genetics and shitty parents, he was forced to return home. Forced to get a job and help take care of his younger siblings. Thankfully, he'd managed to get a job at the library. A place he could still continue learning and make money at the same time. Today he'd gotten lucky and was on front desk duty. That meant a lot of downtime and plenty of time to read his current book.<p>

His feet were kicked up on the desk, his legs crossed at the ankles, and a book lying in his lap. The book was about Mesopotamia. Jamie loved to learn about random things. The day before he'd finished a book about Bonobos and was in need of a new book. So, when he finished restocking the shelves he took the last book and decided to read it. So far Mesopotamia was much more interesting than he would have imagined. He was nearly halfway through the book already and would probably need a new book the next day. He enjoyed his process, occasionally he gave up taking the last book he returned to the shelves when he found a subject that really interested him, but for the most part he liked learning about many different things.<p>

Just as he was about to flip the page, he spotted a girl approaching the desk. Dropping his feet, he stood up and plastered a smile on his face. <b>"How can I help you, ma'am?"</b> The truth was the girl was likely younger than he was but that didn't matter. It was policy to be polite to the guests and he would do whatever he had to to keep this job.

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Mar 21 2015, 11:48 AM
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<div class="cname">JAMIE DEON COOPER</div><p>

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library assistant.
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<info>FACE CLAIM</info><br>
daje barbour.
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reliable. sarcastic. observant. laid back. hard working. protective. jealous. blunt. resigned. adaptive. stubborn. cautious.

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<div class="content"><div class="apptx"><div class="appcon">• rodney and leslie should never have had children, they should have used contraceptives, hell they probably should have been sterilized...if not prior to their first couple of kids, then definitely after the third unwanted little one. but that didn't happen and following three older siblings, jamie deon cooper graced the world as the fourth cooper.<p>
• the coopers became infamous in their neighborhood. the drug addict parents who slept around with nearly any willing partner, the parents who couldn't have cared less about the children left to fend for themselves, the kids who did whatever they had to to support themselves and survive. despite the visits from family services, the kids managed to always find their way back to one another. the older siblings looking out for the little ones.<p>
• jamie was still young when he realized his parents didn't love him. when he realized his older siblings were his true parents. when he realized if he wanted to make something of himself, he would have to do it with limited resources. a half decade old and he'd already learned his first major life lesson. if you want something, you have to work for it. you can't expect it to be handed to you. and this would be his philosophy as he grew up.<p>
• over the years, things at the cooper household just got more and more crazy as the kids began to realize they had elemental powers. each one coming into their own, one after another, going off to the academy, leaving the others behind until they themselves followed. when jamie realized he too had inherited powers, in this case thunder, he thought it was the biggest blessing in his life.<p>
• a piece of him felt guilty leaving his sisters behind, though by then the older siblings were back in the house and there to take care of them, since they couldn't afford to continue on with university, but to him, this was his chance. maybe he could do something, make something of himself. and he spent four years working his ass off, learning as much as he could. and by the time he graduated, he wanted nothing more than to continue his education.<p>
• of course, that didn't happen. unable to swing tuition, jamie returned home like everyone else before him and set up helping take care of his younger siblings. taking an assistant job at the library proved to be <i>nearly</i> as good as continuing school. while he stocks shelves he reads, while he waits to check books out, he reads, basically the young man spends his entire day with a book in his face trying to learn everything and anything he can.<p>
• because at the end of the day. when everyone is out on their own, he still has that dream to be something more than just another cooper that no one expects anything from.<p>

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<div class="apptx"><div class="appcon">• ever since he was a small child, jamie has been the kind of person you can count on to do anything for the people he loves. though he doesn't love easily, he loves unconditionally and his friends and family will always be taken care of if he has any say in the matter.<p>
• despite this loving nature of his, jamie isn't a pushover in the least. growing up in his family, you had to have strength. you had to be able to fight your own battles. jamie's weapon of choice has always been his words. the boy knows how to either scare someone away or hurt them with just his words alone. of course, that doesn't mean he doesn't also know how to get his hands dirty, he just prefers the former.<p>
• though jamie likes to believe he's a good guy and that he's pretty accepting of people, he has a tendency to come off as very standoffish. this is mostly due to the fact he feels inferior to most and has a tendency to lash out. but if you're willing to let him get out the initial frustration that he doesn't quite know how to interact with people, you'll see a boy who really does enjoy others.<p>
• though not really the type you'd assume to be studious, jamie is kind of a huge nerd. he knows random facts about the most odd topics and if you happen to be unlucky enough to talk to him, he'll happily spout facts for you. <p>
FRIENDS - jamie has never been the best at making friends. he's always afraid to be judged too harshly (though he tends to judge pretty hard himself) for his family name and therefore has a tendency to think he doesn't really deserve people in his life. of course, this doesn't mean he doesn't want friends. and really, as he's gotten older he's a bit more open than he was in his high school days. but anyways, if you do make friends with jamie, you've got a friend for life. he's a solid guy who sees friends like family and would go to great lengths for them. once you get to know him, he's actually kind of funny (though his humor is kind of dry), he likes to just sit and talk and maybe have a couple of drink, he likes to just chill really. he's laid back, unassuming, and just happy to be with someone who accepts him.<p>
ENEMIES - in jamie's opinion he doesn't have enemies. he has friends and he has people he ignores. if he doesn't like someone, he'll likely tell them up front and then go on to ignore them. however, the exception is when someone messes with his family. then, all bets are off. and the fairly quiet boy can snap and won't hesitate to take someone down a few pegs.<p>
LOVERS - relationships have never been jamie's strength. seeing how his parents are together has made him believe that love, marriage, and fidelity are all just a sham. that being said, he's also not the type to sleep around either. he wants to believe there is something more, that there is someone that can convince him that what his parents have is the exception not the rule. but he's not holding his breath. he's not even entirely sure of his sexuality, he's been attracted to guys and girls in the past but has never really felt that stirring need to do anything about it. so, he's still a virgin, never had a girlfriend or boyfriend, he's kissed a couple of people but there's just never been anything serious for him. he does, however, want to find someone, one day.<p>
OTHERS - he's got siblings out the wazoo and i believe an and sparky are working on a want ad for them, so they should definitely get taken. but yeah, jamie loves his family and would kill for them if he had to.<p></div></div>

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<div class="content"><div class="apptx"><div class="appcon"><center><div class="pinfo">LAUREN</div>
<div class="pinfo2">CENTRAL (GMT -6) • SHE/HER</div></center></div></div>
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