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May 2 2015, 06:33 PM
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let's drink up
to the moment 'cause you know that it won't last
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He’d been with a few buddies from his job at the Canon store when he’d gotten here, having gone straight from work to the one guy’s favourite pub. Supposedly, the beer here was better than it was anywhere else in the city, according to Edward. The beer was okay, or something, but Fil didn’t really taste it so much as he was trying to get as much of it into his system as possible. Getting drunk on beer was goddamn hard, so he tossed a bunch of other shit in there as well, but by the time his co-workers decided that they wanted to leave, he’d switched back to just beer.

<p><b>“Nah, go on,”</b> he said, waving them off when they paused to ask on their way out if he wanted a ride home. He wasn’t too drunk to notice that it was an afterthought to them, almost. <b>“I’m close enough to walk anyway.”</b> Besides, he wasn’t such a fan of all of the guys from work, and, well on the way to being drunk anyway, he was pretty sure he’d rather just take his chances stumbling home on his own than take favours from shitbags like Alex. The guys didn’t seem too put off about it, anyway, just shrugged and left, calling over their shoulders about seeing him during their next shifts together.

<p>It was only a little while later that he decided to head home as well, downing the rest of his beer and getting up from his seat at the bar. He was alright, really, he was pretty sure, the fresh air would do him some good… if he could only make it to the fucking door without falling over. Unfortunately, luck was not on his side tonight (was it ever?), and he wound up stumbling, nearly falling over against a woman seated nearby. <b>“Fuck — sorry, sorry, I’m so sorry,”</b> he apologized, straightening himself up by putting a hand on the empty stool next to her. <b>“Are you okay?”</b> He was more concerned than he probably needed to be, not having actually touched her at all. But Filip couldn’t help it. His worries were heightened in his drunken state.

</div><div class="kar-top" style="padding: 20px;"><div class="kar-lyr2">
it's all a guessing game you can't get better at it i wish i had a say but life won't let me have it whatever moves i make it's in the way i play but i can't win no i can't beat this guessing game
</div></div></div></div><div style="width: 350px; font-family: arial; letter-spacing: 2px; text-align: right; text-transform: uppercase; font-size: 7px;"><a href="">&hearts; lauz</a></div></center>[/dohtml]
Apr 21 2015, 09:43 PM
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<p>(was i first? please tell me i was first, i set an alarm for this)

Mar 21 2015, 10:07 PM
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<div class="cname">FILIP STANIMIR DIMITROV</div><p>

<div class="space"></div>
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tim hortons cashier / canon store salesperson.
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<info>FACE CLAIM</info><br>
nikolay dzhevakov.
<div class="space"></div>
self-deprecating, insecure, friendly, cynical, dorky, agreeable, chivalrous, loyal, fair, bitter, wishful, stubborn, impressionable, restrained, clumsy, easygoing, undemanding, mild-mannered, naive.

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▲ filip was born the second of three children, wedged in between an older brother and a younger sister, with three years between each of them. his parents were wealthy, relatively influential in the small city of maple hollow. his father had played hockey for the bulgarian men's national team before moving to maple hollow in pursuit of a community with more fellow elementals; his mother was an enforcer for the elemental council. they were somewhat known, and rather respected.

<p>▲ he had an easy childhood, all things considered, with a stay-at-home dad and a mom who was... well, busy, but she was lovely when she was around. things were simple for the young boy.

<p>▲ when filip was ten and his brother was thirteen, his brother developed his elemental powers and went off to the academy. and he waited, and waited, and waited, for his powers to come in, too. he was excited, after all, to see what the fuss was about the academy, and what it would be like to have such amazing powers.

<p>▲ thirteen came and went. then fourteen. then fifteen. there were such things as late bloomers, of course. so while the longer filip waited, the more antsy he got about it, there was still some semblance of hope, even though he had quite <i>obviously</i> hit puberty by this point, having shot up in height and grown out of the baby face he'd had when he was younger. his parents seemed anxious about it, but still reassuring. the powers would come eventually, they said. he was just a little slower to get there than most, that was all. some kids were slow to walk and talk, and filip would be slow to get his elemental powers. he kept waiting, hoping that any day now something would happen and he'd finally be permitted to start at the academy in the next school year.

<p>▲ but sixteen passed, too, and filip gave up hope even as he watched his <i>younger sister</i> come into her powers in a perfectly timely fashion. then seventeen, and he graduated from his local high school far more cynical than he could have even imagined when he'd been a little twelve-year-old full of hope and excitement and wonder.

<p>▲ he had never been academically inclined enough to pursue (or even <i>want</i> to pursue) further education after high school, and instead he bummed around his parents' house for a few months. filip had never worked a day in his life, and truth be told he wasn't even sure exactly how to start.

<p>▲ but he hated it at home, he really did. home was a reminder of how disappointing everything was, between each of his family members: his father and brother, always trying to make him feel better about things even though it was obvious he was <i>different</i> from the rest of them; his sister, not only an elemental, but also brilliantly intelligent to boot, just another reminder of his inferiority; his mother, a council enforcer who was far more concerned with protecting the elemental community, the way filip saw it, than talking to her own son.

<p>▲ when his best friend offered him a chance to move out, an apartment they could rent together, he jumped at it, despite having no job and no useful skills to speak of and no <i>clue</i> of how to even start living on his own. he just needed to get away.

<p>▲ he had to get a job eventually, of course. his dad had wired some money into his bank account and it was enough for him to get by for a little while, but filip wanted to try his hand at independence from his family for a change. he hit the ground running, as soon as he was let free. and while he definitely stumbled a few times, he eventually landed a relatively steady job at the nearby tim hortons, and then a few months later a second one at a canon camera store in the mall. life isn't glamorous (certainly not as glamorous as it was when he was a child living in his parents' mansion) but he has a roof over his head and good people (mostly) in his life, so there's not a lot more he dares to ask for anymore.

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▲ filip (you can call him fil, if you like) is nice to a <i>fault</i>. his life may have never gone the way he wanted it to, but this does not in any way stop him from just being a <i>nice person</i>. it's hard-wired into his brain or something.

<p>▲ that being said, he kind of really hates how nice he is.

<p>▲ he spent his high school years trying really hard to be cool and a total badass and rebel type, especially because he thought that he was going to be going off to the academy any day now, anyway. but neither of these things ever panned out. he was neither a badass nor an elemental.

<p>▲ he's still perfectly human, and still the furthest thing from "cool." he's a straight-up dork who's kind of awkward and clumsy, and tries a little too hard all the time to be way more than he is.

<p>▲ he's come to terms with this a little more than he used to, but it's still a slow work in progress. he really did try way too hard as a teenager, though. he is considerably better now.

<p>▲ he'll give anyone and anything a try at least just once, and probably a few more times after that too, because he's also pretty forgiving. he really is genuinely just too nice of a person, and he considers it one of his biggest problems. other people think it's one of his best qualities, but y'know.

<p>▲ nice, but not perfect, he's certainly got a lot of emotional baggage, most (but not necessarily all) of which stems from his bitterness over being the only plain ol' human in his family. he has a way of projecting his anger onto other things, and it can be confusing or downright offensive to some people, i'm sure. but for the most part, he's more bitter than he really is aggressive about it; he's very mild-mannered.

<p>▲ when you're in his little inner circle, he is loyal as anything and will blindly follow you just about anywhere if you don't talk some sense into him. it makes him rather easy to manipulate.

<p>▲ he has a huge inferiority complex. like, majorly.

<p>▲ most of his humour is self-deprecating in nature, but hey, it gets a laugh out of people, right?

<p>▲ he likes photography a lot. he's yet to figure out any kind of way to make a living out of it, but it was something he picked up in his final year of high school, and he's refused to put it down ever since. you can often find him just wandering maple hollow, seeking out an interesting subject for his photos, whether that's scenery or random people passing by or what-have-you.

<p>▲ he hates that a part of him is still a little bit hopeful that one day he'll wake up and he won't really be this way (that is, a regular human with no elemental powers and an extra dosage of dorkiness). but it's true, nonetheless. unfortunately, he really is just filip.

<p>▲ <b>friends</b> aren't difficult for him to make! he's a little wary of most elementals (if he knows that they are) upon initial meetings, but it's mostly because it's a rough reminder of his own ~failure to have elemental powers. that being said, he gets over himself in fairly short order and will probably get along with just about anyone who's not a total dick to him. closer friends are slightly harder, but they would definitely exist. filip is, again, super friendly, and he'll really go the mile to put a smile on his friends' faces. that... is just the way he is, honestly. also, i'd really like some friends who are just bad influences, dragging him into trouble, etc. because a part of him still tries to be a lot cooler than he really is, and so they can convince him to do a lot of reckless shit in his attempt to appear cool. and, lastly, totally manipulate him. do it. it's fun.

<p>▲ <b>enemies</b> are a little trickier because he really does put so much effort into being nice and friendly. but they definitely still exist, because he has a lot of bottled-up feelings and eventually, i'm sure, they'd come out. plus, there is always opportunity for people to just totally rub each other the wrong way, and that can definitely be a thing. he was also an easy target for bullying, growing up, because he <i>tried so hard</i>, and i imagine lots of people kept him stringing along just for the shits and giggles. and if he ever realized how toxic that was, those are definitely enemies now.

<p>▲ <b>lovers</b> are... a big old question mark. he's pretty certain he's straight (but who really knows?) but, like i've said, he's awkward and a huge dork. some girls find it endearing, i'm sure. but others will likely just think he's a loser, considering he's even worse when he's really interested in someone. he's had a few relationships in the past, some of them ending on friendly terms but some ending pretty badly, so those are totally doable. i'm going to leave this totally open right now because i'm not quite sure where i want to take filip on this front yet, but if you have ideas, pitch 'em here!

<p>▲ <b>others</b> include his brother and sister, though he doesn't really speak with either of them anymore. i'm not really sure what else there is but i love any and all ideas. <3

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<div class="content"><div class="apptx"><div class="appcon"><center><div class="pinfo">ANANAS</div>
<div class="pinfo2">EASTERN (-5) • SHE/HER</div></center></div></div>
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