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Apr 3 2015, 06:11 PM
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calling: MH Police Station

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[ring ring... ring ring... ring ring..]

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Mar 26 2015, 03:38 AM
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<div style=' width: 350px; font-family: oswald; font-size: 55px; color: #C7D4C6; letter-spacing: 3px; text-transform: uppercase; text-align: center; margin-bottom: 20px;'>Flowers</div>
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Shopping for men came in two varieties: difficult and easy. Some guys liked or wanted so few things that finding anything that seemed suitable took hours upon hours over a span of days. Other men, however, had such specific interests or wanted precise items that you had a list in hand before you knew it, and as long as it fell into those categories, you couldn't go wrong.
Buying for her father had, thankfully, been easy. Other than asking a friend about specific bands her father might like, it took very little time to track down a record. If he liked anything as much as he liked writing and his family, he liked listening to records.
This year, however, took far more effort on Gwenna's part than purchasing a present or two. No, this year she volunteered to throw her father a surprise party. The occasion? Because she could. There was no big birthday year to celebrate or some significant event that had recently occurred to tag on as an excuse for such sneaky planning. She simply wanted to do something special for him, and since he didn't expect anything out of the usual four presents, a birthday dinner, and some cake, Gwenna figured he was the perfect target.
Today she would set up floral arrangements. Though by no means a plant guy, her father appreciated the beauty of flowers, and, as a writer, he could draw inspiration from anything. Whatever she chose as the table centerpiece, he would like, but Gwenna wanted it to be perfect.
The only problem: she knew nothing about flowers. On top of that, what kind of flowers did you get for a fifty-something year old man for a birthday dinner?
Gwenna felt brave enough to inquire.
Stepping foot inside one of the town's flower shops, she smiled to herself at the gorgeous arrangements and assorted plants scattered about. No time to get distracted, though, so up to the counter she walked.
<B>"Excuse me?"</b> she addressed the young man working there. <b>"I had a couple of questions I hoped you could help me with."</b>

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Mar 25 2015, 01:15 AM
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<div class="cname">GWENNA VIVIANNE FORTIER</div><p>

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Reconnaissance team
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<info>FACE CLAIM</info><br>
Elyse Levesque
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Quietly social. Somewhat solitary. Occasionally single-minded. Romantically awkward. Hard-working. Intelligent. Sweet. Friendly. Sometimes in-eloquent.

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<div class="content"><div class="apptx"><div class="appcon">• Gwenna grew up the only child of Marcus Fortier and his wife Alanna. Except for a short four-year stint in the United States for her mother's job with the Canadian Embassy, Gwenna grew up in Maple Hollow and for years remained completely oblivious to the powers of those around her. Like the rest of her peers, she went off to school, made friends, talked with her family, had extracurriculars (hers in the form of the school's literary magazine), and assorted hobbies.<p>
• When some of her friends started going off to the "gifted kids" school - around the time they were all thirteen and fourteen - Gwenna's life changed, and not just because her friends were leaving. No. What surprised her were her friends' abilities and, what's more, that there was such variety among them!<p>
• Her first encounter with her friends' powers happened in June 1998. She played next door with a neighbor girl a year her senior, and the girl's younger brother began whining and complaining about being left out. Their game already established, she told him to wait until next time, that they couldn't stop now. As you might expect, his complaining only picked up, and soon a heated argument between the siblings left Gwenna standing to the side awkwardly. And that's when it happened. Her friend curled her fists up into tight balls and, in a furious huff, thrust them both towards the ground. Shock strangled the scream in Gwenna's throat as the grass on either side of her friend burst into flames.<p>
• A similar experience happened with a classmate and thunder, but nothing as dangerous occurred then - only rumble from seemingly nowhere. It was all silently downhill from there for Gwenna. Torn between everything she had known and everything she now knew, she struggled internally for months to comprehend it all, but she never once told anyone else about her friends. <p>
• Life settled down for Gwenna after that year, and she went on to college and studied journalism and international relations. She couldn't decide whether to follow in her mother's footsteps and participate in the government or to follow her father into writing, only into journalism instead of novels. So she double-majored to cover her bases.<p>
• After university, she took an internship with the government, and that flowed right into a low-level job. Gwenna always said she'd test out the waters of government work and had no intentions of forging a career out of it right from the start. She always wanted to try out journalism next, but time slipped by her and circumstances led her from the internship to a paying job, and things went from there. <p>
• Three years ago, that silence Gwenna held about the elementals in her town finally caved. When she heard mention of Operation Alchemy, or simply "Alchemy", the story of her childhood experiences slipped out to a superior. In a whirlwind of confirmations and questions, Gwenna found herself swept directly out of her modest job and into the Reconnaissance division of the operation, and she has worked for them ever since. Now she lives in Maple Hollow and works as a journalist as her cover.</div></div>

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<div class="content">
<div class="apptx"><div class="appcon">
<u>FRIENDS</u><p>Gwenna spent most of her life keeping to herself. She made friends at school, of course, and with them she was less quiet and awkward and more open and relaxed. Around others, though, she wasn't he most eloquent and appeared a little strange for it. A girl who generally remained quiet, and then when she finally spoke to you, couldn't get her thoughts out? Straaange. Because of this, she often kept to her little group and focused on her studies and hobbies.
Only when she graduated and began work did Gwenna earnestly begin to work on her solitary habits. As part of her lowly job in the government ranks, she had to interact with new people on a frequent basis, and stumbling out whatever she needed to say wouldn't cut it. Whether it was a lack of courage on her part or simply not enough practice in conversations with strangers, Gwenna tried her best to overcome her bad habit.<p>
Her efforts succeeded, and now she can speak her mind easily and is much more personable in one-on-one situations. People tend to find her sweet and charming in a down-to-earth, girl-next-door way, even on the rarer occasions where she trips up her words like before (usually when she gets flustered). Gwenna holds many acquaintances because of her job, but though her friend group has widened some, it still only holds a few handfuls of people.<BR><p>
<u>ENEMIES</u><p>Gwenna doesn't have enemies per say. She may have bugged some people during school with her solitary, in-eloquent ways, and she may rub some people wrong nowadays, but it's never on purpose. <p><BR>
<U>ROMANCE</u><p> She's never viewed herself as being very good at this. She's terrible at flirting. She never knows what to say and ends up rambling, stumbling over phrases, and restarting sentences to salvage her attempts. Ultimately she makes a fool of herself. In the same vein, Gwenna can't pick up on flirting to save her life, but if she somehow detects it or it's pointed out to her, she quickly becomes flustered and embarrassed at being so clueless. Really, a woman in her thirties should know better by now. <p>
People always assume she's a great flirt, a witty bantress when it comes to romantic encounters. They picture her hand professionally masking a lilting laugh, her eyes casting a certain hinting glance, and her words teasing her suitors, enticing them forward. Those people couldn't be more wrong. As such, what might have been a successful asking out can quickly turn a guy off to her. That plus her lack of thoughts towards romance in general - (she likes and wants it but day-to-day her mind focuses on other things, so she forgets romance even exists sometimes) - means she has only ever dated a few times and had one serious relationship to date.</B><BR></div></div>

<div class="tab">
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<label for="tab-5">PLAYER</label>
<div class="content"><div class="apptx"><div class="appcon"><center><div class="pinfo">Brock</div>
<div class="pinfo2">GMT+9 • SHE/HER</div></center></div></div>
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