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 Posted: Mar 30 2015, 05:04 PM


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“How do people from outside of Maple Hollow find out about the city?”

Generally, word of mouth and from relatives who live there. It’s very isolated and secluded, so not many outsiders find it unless they’re an elemental or someone informs them that it’s there.

“How far from Maple Hollow is the next city?”

Maple Hollow is extremely isolated and up in the mountains, so it's over a hundred miles. There's a highway leading out from the city, and that's about it.


“How is a person’s element determined?”

In order to develop elemental powers, a person must have the gene in their bloodline. However, which element they manifest as depends on their personality. See the member groups for more explanation on traits common in each element. Of course, there is deviation in personalities and therefore elmentals, because no one is alike. Keep in mind that although powers are highly dependent on personality, most families end up with the same elements because they grew up and were influenced by the personality traits of those elementals.

“Can powers skip a generation?”

Certainly. For some people, the gene will not express itself, and when they reach puberty, they do not get their powers. However, since they’re a carrier, they’ll still be able to pass the gene down to their own children.

“Can elementals from different alliances be in the same family?”

Yes. While elemental families tend to be of the same element because they are raised in an environment with those elementals (read above), it is definitely possible for say, a Fire and Earth to be related. Keep in mind that element is determined by personality, at the end of the day.


“How would humans find out about elementals?”

The only ways they would know about elementals are if they are part of an elemental family, or if they're in the Operation Alchemy.

“Can human characters plot with elemental characters?”

Humans are definitely allowed to interact with elementals, especially since the population of elementals in Maple Hollow is so large. However, the human would not find out about the elemental's powers. If we see this happening, the elemental in question will be taken into the Council's custody.


“How do elementals find out about the Academy, if their parents don’t send them there?”

The Academy has a database of all elemental families. Before a possible elemental enters high school, a scout will arrive and find out if they’ve developed any powers. However, if someone doesn’t know their family and the Council has lost track of them, it’s possible for someone to slip through the cracks.

“Is it possible to be held back?”

Yes it is, since the Academy is very intent on educating elementals so they don’t lose control of their powers, or reveal themselves to humans. There are also summer classes, if a student does not meet the requirements during the school year.

“Does the Academy offer university courses?”

No, it does not. However, there is a university in town called Maple Hollow University.

“Is there more than one Academy in the world?”

Elementals are a dying breed, and most of them are concentrated in Maple Hollow, so there's only the one school.


“Do admins update the subplots?”

The subplots on CTTC are mainly member driven. We expect everyone in each subplot to interact with each other and move the subplots forward. Admins must be informed of any major advances, of course, so we can make sure subplot information is relevant.

“Can I have a character who wants to stir things up in a subplot?”

Keep in mind that in-character actions have in-character consequences. For instance, if someone in Operation Alchemy falls in love with an elemental and compromises the project, they will be promptly fired by the commander. Or, if someone in the inner circle defies or challenges the boss of the Syndicate, they will be killed. We would rather you not make a character who causes problems for a subplot, because they will be removed from said subplot.

“Is it possible to expand (x) position?”

Unless there is stated to only be one (Headmaster of the Academy, for instance), than there is always the potential for more openings in any subplot.


“What does the head of population control do?”

They keep tabs on the elemental and human population in Maple Hollow, and are in charge of census reports. They’re also in charge of the scouts who seek out elementals if they do not arrive to the Academy on their own.

“Who are the enforcers and what is their job?”

Enforcers are like the police for the Council. If an elemental is found doing something forbidden with their powers (ie a fire elemental lighting something on fire in a public place where people will see), the enforcers will be the ones to handle that. They do have their own form of jail, though it’s more specialized and equipped to keep elementals from using their powers. When punishments are extreme enough, elementals are tried before the Council and possibly given prison time.


“What do the commanders and supervisors do?”

So the commander is in charge of the team, and the supervisor is basically their manager and they make sure everything gets done.

“What does Alchemy do for research and development?”

Research and Development is the team of scientists who dissect and experiment with anything they consider evidence of elemental powers. They're trying to figure out what exactly makes them tick, and whether or not it can be biologically explained.

“What does Reconnaissance mean?”

The recon team keeps tabs on elemental activity. They're the strategists, and spend a lot of time surveying Maple Hollow for anything unusual to crop up. They are also interested in making friends with suspected elementals in order to get close to the Council. The team tries its best to find out whatever it can about elementals.

“Who are the Intelligence officers?”

Intelligence officers organize and analyze compiled information that Recon has gathered on elementals. They're desk jockeys, honestly, but important desk jockeys who work closely with R&D in order to pick apart whatever information they have.

“What are field agents?”

Field agents are the ones who see the most action. If there's something going on Alchemy thinks an elemental caused, they go and check it out and try to apprehend the person responsible. Probably best described as police officers, and they're the people who handle any confrontation or anything that requires force on Alchemy's part.


“Does the local law enforcement know about elementals?”

Unless they are an elemental themselves, or are related to elementals, they have no knowledge of them.

“How much do they know about the Syndicate?”

While they are well aware of the existence of organized crime in Maple Hollow, attempts to crack down on it have produced minimal results. They may suspect individuals as being involved with the Syndicate if it makes sense for them to do so but any concrete evidence must be agreed upon between the players.


“Who is in the inner circle?”

The inner circle are the top ranking individuals within the syndicate. They all share equal power and serve as advisors to those in power. Please contact Admin Taylor if you wish to create someone in this position.

“Who are the solders and what do they do?”

The soldiers are below the inner circle in terms of rank, but they are still a part of the Syndicate. They've proved their worth enough to have a steady job in the crime ring but remain generally unaware of the upper workings.

“Who are the affiliated?”

They're the dirty cops, corrupt politicians, basically anyone who would be of use to the Syndicate. This also includes people who receive protection from the Syndicate.

“Would (x) kind of criminal be useful?”

Any kind of criminal is considered useful. The Syndicate has a monopoly on all crime in Maple Hollow, so if your character is up to no good, they can most likely be associated with the Syndicate.


"Are college students allowed to be a part of the alliances subplot?”

If they’re still going to the Academy, yes, they are. The Alliances subplot is reserved for those still attending.
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